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The State Environmental Monitoring – The ionizing radiation monitoring – Cs-137 concentrations in soil

The history of creating a harmonized spatial data set

Source data comes from the CIEP file database, collecting data from ionizing radiation monitoring – 137Cs concentration in soil. The data were transformed in accordance with INSPIRE model in subject of Environmental Monitoring Facilities (EF) in version of schema 4.0. Technical guidelines for EF subject are available in the specification D2.8.II / III.7 INSPIRE Data Specification on Environmental Monitoring Facilities – Technical Guidelines.

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The spatial dataset concerns the monitoring of Cs-137 concentration in soil, which is carried out as part of the ionizing radiation monitoring subsystem of the State Environmental Monitoring. The purpose of monitoring is to provide data on the surface layer of soil in Poland in terms of distribution of cesium-137 deposition and natural radionuclide concentrations in the surface soil layer. The data obtained enable assessment of the radiological status of that element of the environment and the extent of potential exposure of the population and the environment to ionizing radiation from that source. The measurement programme under this task consists in spectrometric measurements of the soil samples collected at the sites located at Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute (IMGW-PIB) stations and posts. The measurements of Cs-137 (optionally – the contents of natural radioactive isotopes ) are conducted in compliance with the tasks of specialised units.

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